The Chosen One

Dodge Bullets as the Chosen One in VR

Description and Motivation

an early tester of the game

We have created a Virtual Reality game using the HTC Vive and the Kinect. The game is based on a scene from the iconic movie The Matrix where Neo, the chosen one, dodges bullets coming his way. We thought this could be an amazing experience in a Virtual Reality environment. By using the Kinect we could include tracking of the body as well which increased the immersiveness for the overall experience. By doing this we wanted to highlight the possibilities of VR games and current technologies and showcase possibilities to encourage future development in the field.

Goals with the Project

Combining HTC Vive and Kinect for a more immersive body tracking experience

Recreate an iconic scen from a classic movie

Ripple effect shaders for bullets

Creating bullet time in Virtual Reality

Showcasing possbilities with current technology



Synchronize HTC Vive and Kinect

Bullet Time

Intuitive Interaction

Overcoming Limitations of the Kinect

Learning New Technologies and Software

Resource and Workflow Limitations due to Expensive Hardware

Ludwig Sidenmark
  • Modelling with Textures
  • Generation of Skyscrapers
  • Creating Skybox
  • Creation of Additional Shooters
Erik Eriksson
  • Improved Bullet Targeting System
  • Bullet Spawning System
  • Time Dilation System for Controlling Time
  • Muzzle-Flash Particle System for Shooter
  • Gunshot Sound for Shooter
  • Mapped Gunshot Pitch (playback speed) to Time Dilation System
  • Improvements of Particle System
Eric Blomquist
  • Character Model - Building and Rigging Skeleton video
  • Skin Binding and Skin Weights
  • Skeleton Remapping in Unreal and Animation Retargeting
  • User Experience
  • Game Introduction
  • Sound Effects
  • Promotional Poster and Artwork
Björn Englesson
  • Getting Readings and Skeleton from Kinect into Unreal Engine
  • Hardware Setup
  • Handling Collisions with Skeleton and Bullets
  • Hand Models
  • Spawning Shooters when Progressing
Emilio Lando
  • Creating VR Environment with HTC Vive
  • Mapping Time Control Functionality to a combination of movement between HTC Vive Controllers
  • Combining HMD Position with Kinect-Skeleton
  • Point System, Wave Progression, Game Logic
  • Basic Wave System
  • Advanced Wave System
Rasmus Elmgren
  • Hard Surface Modelling
  • Sound Tech for Bullets (attenuation and concurrency) and Background Music
  • Creating Materials with Bumpmaps and GIF-Materials
  • Particle Effect Following Bullets
  • The Shitty Smoke Particles
  • Point System
  • Basic Wave System
  • Webpage


Kinect has Unprecise Tracking of Details

Shaders in Unreal Engine

IR-Interference Between Sensors

What We Learned

Level Creation in Unreal Engine

Game Design


VR Development

Group member learning during a meeting

Making Of